What is the most important thing in photography?

Perhaps the most important thing in a photo is fixing the current moment of life. Photography is a truly unique phenomenon, because thanks to it it is possible to preserve ongoing events, magnificent places, familiar faces, unique moments.

Tips for taking a good photo
The Significance of Composition
Composition is needed to draw the viewer’s attention to the main object in the photo. To achieve this goal, there are a number of methods.

If the composition is neglected, when viewing a photo, the viewer’s eye will begin to slide over different elements of the image in search of a central one, but will never find it. The result will be complete indifference and indifference to the photograph.

But a good, correct composition will make it so that the viewer will be ready to forgive many mistakes, for example, inexpressive light in the frame.

Why is light important?
Light is the main visual medium for the photographer. Even the word “photography” means nothing more than light painting.

Light serves, among other things, to indicate a key object. In other words, thanks to him, you can attract the attention of the viewer. But light is also used to emphasize the properties of an object, for example, its texture.

In general, by the light you can understand whether a professional or an amateur took a photo without the proper skills and experience. It is the skills of working with light that distinguish the photographer from other photographing people.

It is important to be able to:

catch interesting light where it is needed;
find a lighting solution that matches the shooting scene;
understand the physics of light, predict it.
If there is inappropriate light in the picture, it will not be possible to correct it with any post-processing.

History in the frame
A photo has no meaning if it lacks a message. Without the presence of history, the photograph is perceived as documentary, empty.

Such a photo work is justified only in two cases:

catalog shooting;
photographs for documents.
When taking any other photo, you should remember that it is much more interesting to look at an image that tells a certain story. Even a portrait can tell a lot about its main character.

When creating a story in reportage shooting, the “decisive moment” is of great importance, when the main object and everything that surrounds it add up to a common semantic whole.

So, if you do not neglect the components of a good photo discussed above when taking a photo, the pictures will definitely become better. And if you manage to combine three techniques in an image, the photographer will have every chance of getting an excellent image.

Photo processing
When processing, only a minimum of manipulations is really needed:

correction of errors and technical defects;
sharpening improvement;
work with contrast.

Don’t get too carried away with retouching.

What is the most important thing in photography?