The content of the photo and its meaning

How valuable a particular photograph is depends, first of all, on what is presented in it.

A clear compositional structure of the frame, excellent lighting solution, unusual tonality of the photo are important for the photographer, while the viewer is interested in the content of the picture.

Thus, the conclusion is obvious: the most important thing when creating a photograph is its content. The value, the necessity of a picture is determined by what the author wanted to convey through it to the viewer.

What is the content of a photo and why is it so important?
The contents of the photo are the following aspects:

photo meaning;
description of its value;
significant content.
The content of any work of fine art is understood as feelings, emotions. In other words, everything that makes up a photographic idea.

Considering the content in more detail, it is important to understand that it is incorrect to present it as some kind of pure, elementary feeling.

The content a photographer puts into their creation is more like what the paint color is on the tip of an artist’s brush. It is almost always a mixture of two or more colors.

The content, which is a pure color of paint, freed from shades, is the basis, which, when exposed, transforms into a worthy form.

Form and content
These two concepts are not synonymous, they can exist separately from each other.

Form is the external expression of a certain content. In photography, this is the internal structure of the picture, its specific order.

Form is not a geometric expression of objects. In photography, the form is a visual embodiment, the internal construction of a photo (compositional solution, objects and their relative position, properties in the frame, lighting solutions, rhythm).

Visual characteristics are understood as geometric properties, lighting features, color.

Each photographer, working on the creation of each picture, tries to combine spirit with matter – to clothe content in form. And since form and content exist independently, the task of the photographer is to try to invent a form that the viewer wants to fill with the content conceived by the author.

The harmony of form and content is in constant motion, changing, to some extent due to small fluctuations in content, but by and large due to the constant change of forms.

Components of a photograph
artistic image;
frame atmosphere;
artistic techniques;
The artistic image is the idea of ​​the author, the plot, the specific presentation of the subject and, of course, the object itself, reflecting the worldview of the author.

Through the artistic image, the author tries to express himself, his attitude to the world, to demonstrate perfection and ideals, or decline, destruction, degradation.

The content of the photo and its meaning