How to shoot strangers on the street?

Many readers are interested in the question: “How to photograph people on the street so that you don’t get beaten and what is”

Start over. The main thing in travel photography is to get an interesting live shot. The main problem that travelers face is that the subject begins to pose, look at the camera, show fingers, etc. You want to shoot how a huge black man with a machete cuts his way through the jungle, and he, noticing the camera, smiles stupidly and shows you some signs with his fingers. The photographer must be invisible, he must capture real life. But on a journey, a photographer is always a foreign body that does not just stand out from the crowd, but attracts a lot of unnecessary attention, and then there is the camera.

In this post, I will share some of my observations.

1. Shoot right away

Golden time is the first fraction of a second until the subject sees the camera. You walk down the street, you see an interesting plot – raise the camera and immediately shoot. No preparations, aiming and searching for a frame. Your actions must be lightning fast, like a good bodyguard pulls out a gun in a split second and kills the villain. I do this almost always. This is the main reason why I can’t switch to soapbox. All soap dishes are terribly stupid until it turns on, until it loads, until it focuses. A good SLR camera is always ready to shoot, and this is its main advantage.

2. Take off immediately.

If for some reason you can’t immediately withdraw, you need to wait. Wait until the subject no longer pays attention to your camera. This may happen in a minute, or it may take an hour. It is important that the person you want to shoot stops paying attention to you and goes about his usual business. Becoming invisible is a difficult task. You may have to take a dozen frames while the subject is grimacing enough.

3. Shoot constantly

There is another technique for street photography. Go and shoot constantly. Imagine that the camera is your glasses. You walk down the street, and the eye is constantly looking into the viewfinder. People won’t pay attention to you.

4. Shoot discreetly.

There are many ways to shoot unnoticed. Let’s look at some of them:
– Shooting “from the belly.” The camera is hanging around your neck. Either you press the shutter discreetly or the camera is set to an interval timer. You can carefully pass the remote control cable under your clothes or connect the radio remote control and press the shutter release from your pocket. This is how I filmed the Red Light District in Amsterdam
– Alternatively, you can shoot a video and cut out still frames from there. Modern cameras shoot high-resolution video, so you can put the camera on the video, hang it on your chest, and then select the desired freeze frames.
– Shoot from cover. Remember movies about detectives? How are they filming? That’s right – from a toned car. Grab a friend, get in the back seat and shoot quietly, no one will see you. An example of such a report is the Prostitutes of Brussels
– Shoot past. Pretend that your main subject is behind the real subject. Try not to notice or point the camera at the actual subject. You can even pretend that the real subject is “a bit disturbing” to you. For example, you may be interested in the urn behind the back of a prostitute. The main thing is that the lens is wide-angle, and then crop it.
– Alternatively, you can pretend that you are filming your friend, who will stand next to the real subject.

How to shoot strangers on the street?