How to make a photo collage?

A photo collage is an attractive composition consisting of a number of photographs. In addition to the photo, it can contain text, figurines, frames, various kinds of clipart, and other decorative elements.

When creating a collage on a computer, it is permissible to do experiments. To do this, just copy the original photo, which can then be cut as many times as you like. Thus, the photographer has an endless search for the perfect option.

There is another, more traditional option for creating a collage – choose photographs that are similar in shape, size, tone. So you can get a strict, stylish collage. In particular, some amateur photographers prefer to combine photos into a square (16 4×4 shots). And the result is very nice, impressive.

Steps to create a photo collage using a special program
Collages created using a PC have common features, stages of formation.

Photo preparation
The first step is to choose good photos. Suitable for both self-made and professionally taken.

They are processed in a special program to the finished look, unnecessary details are removed, effects are applied.

It is worth preparing two or three photographs more than you need to fill the photo collage. This will save time on processing, in case one of the photos does not fit.

It is important to keep an eye on the format of images, since some programs work exclusively with certain specific extensions.

Choosing a template for posting photos
In most cases, programs have many different template options. They form a certain compositional structure according to the rule of arrangement of pictures.

It is important that the photo collage has a center and a periphery, large and small photos, horizontal and vertical shots.

There are patterns that involve unusual placement, such as in a circle.

Background selection
The background sets the mood for the whole picture. Light and warm colors provide a sunny mood, visually increasing the image. Dark ones reduce the size, emphasize the objects in the photo.

The background is a kind of frame, respectively, they select it for the overall color of the photographs. You can also put a border on top.

Positioning, scaling, rendering, moving
At this stage, the central frame is selected, the rest are formed for harmony with each other. Any program allows you to replace photos, colors, effects at all stages of compiling a photo collage.

Artistic design, adding elements on top of the finished collage
The stage is optional. If desired, it is possible to impose a general tone, add a signature, decorative elements.

How to make a photo collage?